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Heated Rice Packs | Cool Pack | Mini Rice Packs | Hand Warmer | Cold Weather | Plaid | Flannel | Gift | Hockey Rink | Lavender

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Looking for something to warm you up on a cold day? Maybe cool you down on a hot day? These rice packs can go in the microwave to warm up or the freezer to cool down! Sure to help your ailments or to just help you relax.

There are multiple size options you can choose from.

Mini: Goes in your gloves and is about 3 inches x 1.5 inches (an order comes with 2 mini packs)

Standard: drapes nicely over your shoulders, on your knees, on your back, etc. Sizing at about 6 inches x 11.5 inches. (1 pack comes in an order)

XL: Extra long to drape around your neck and hang nicely on your shoulders or up and down your back, leg or arm. Measuring at about 6 inches x 20 inches. (1 pack comes in an order)

Want to add an extra layer of relaxation? I can add some lavender essential oils to the packs when I make them.

All fabrics are made of 100% cotton Flannel. The flannel adds the extra level of comfort and relaxation!

Choose your size, color of flannel fabric, and if you'd like lavender in the packs in the options.