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Towel - Monthly Theme

Looking for a monthly super fun and cute surprise or do you want to make a loved one smile each month? This is the perfect gift for yourself or for a family member or friend - a gift that keeps on giving! A towel will be mailed in the last week of each month for the following month (ex: towel sent last week of September with a fall / Halloween theme for October).

Categories to choose from are:
- Do you love your pets? Great! Choose the Dog or Cat theme!
- Looking to send holiday towels each month? The holiday theme towel will be perfect! The holiday coming up will be sent the month before. ex: Thanksgiving theme would be sent in October and Christmas would be sent in November.
- Outdoor lover? Choose the Adventure theme!
- General seasonal towels sound appealing to you? Awesome, the seasonal towels will be great! The standard seasons of Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring will be sent. The extra months will be filled in with seasonal holidays and other fun surprises!

- Do all of the above sound great? You can get that! Choose "Mix it up" and you'll get a little of everything!

Choose the category you'd like and then you are set! I will send you or the receiver a towel every month! You can cancel at any time after 3 months of receiving a towel. There will be a monthly charge for the towel and towels will be sent until the subscription is cancelled.

The standard towels that will be used are a not too thick terry cloth towel that measures 16 inches x 26 inches. I will use standard colors such as white, gray, tan, and white with the neutral color stripes.

How will it work? Around the first week of each month a towel will arrive to the address you list. I will send a towel that makes sense for the time of year / season / holiday and will hopefully make you or a loved one smile! The first towel will be sent that month if the order is placed before the 20th of the month or the following month if placed after the 20th of the month. Each month, there will be a $13 charge for the towel that will be sent that month. 

If you have any questions at all, just let me know!