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Warmies | Stuffed Animals | Soft Plush | Comfort Animals | Warm | Microwave | Chemo Comfort

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No matter your age, a stuffed animal can be very comforting during difficult times! These stuffed animals are great for the young ones in your life and also those who are young at heart and just need a little something to hold on to! These are part of my "Fighter Collection" with 30% of each purchase going back to my friend who is battling cancer for the third time. I got her one of these Warmies when she started chemo and it hasn't left her side. Though she is still young at 34, she didn't think she would hug and love a stuffed animal as much as she has. These are not only nice to hold on to during the difficult times but they also have a purpose! They can be warmed up in the microwave to act like that old hot water bottle - without the pain of water!